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Grow Your Yubtube Presence While They Grow Their Ad Service

If you have been thinking of getting on Youtube now may be the time to do it.

Most businesses now know the value of having a website and email list. But many still neglect video as part of their marketing campaign.

This is tragic.

Youtube is currently offering an innovative service to businesses that are advertising on their platform:

Google expanding YouTube Director onsite video ad service to more than 170 cities

Originally offered in only six cities when it launched last year, YouTube’s video ad creation service will now be available to many more businesses.

First offered last year to advertisers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., YouTube Director onsite is now available in more than 170 US cities.

The video ad creation service provides access to “experts” who will script, film and edit a 30-second video ad for free when a business commits to spend at least $350 on YouTube through Google AdWords. That is more than twice the original buy-in of $150 worth of YouTube ads Google required businesses to purchase to use the service when it was available in a limited number of cities.

Google shared the following graphic to clarify how the process works when advertisers sign up to work with a YouTube Director onsite expert.

Read more at:

That’s right, if you are advertising on Google they will literally MAKE YOU an ad for free! Ok so maybe it costs $350 but that is not a bad deal at all.

One of the things that prevents people from starting on Youtube is knowing where to start. This is a common problem for any entrepreneur looking to expand their business. It is the unknown. recently released a great guide to growing your Youtube presence:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Growing Your YouTube Presence

When was the last time you saw a video on YouTube? I bet you’ve seen one today. YouTube is too huge and too popular for marketers to ignore.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, now’s the time to start one.

If you have a channel and you never got it off the ground, now’s the time to take action.

This article will take you through the process of setting up your YouTube presence, listing steps, tools, and important tips to get you started and moving forward.

1. Define your goals

If your goal is to become a YouTube star, you might be a bit late to the party: it’s really hard to get noticed these days — too competitive. Stardom will take years of hard work to achieve because of the number of channels users have to choose from.

Even back in 2014, when I was reading about YouTube celebrity bloggers, one quote really stood out to me:

“We think, if we were coming to YouTube today, it would be too hard. We couldn’t do it.”
That’s not to say, however, that you cannot achieve other, more tangible goals on YouTube. It’s an excellent venue for business owners and marketers.

Read more tips at:

This is a great guide everyone looking to expand their video marketing should seriously look at. There is really no better time to start than today after all.

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Ways To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

For this reason, to prevent been a victim to this action I would recommend that you stick to understood and trusted affiliate networks. In any case, they just method you will prosper with a network is if you are comfortable with them and the products you are promoting.

Secondly, concentrating on simply one or a few products without a doubt will let you research them thoroughly prior to you begin to promote them. This technique likewise assists you refine your strategies, making the required modifications, and thus making your marketing a whole lot more effective. A reliable technique will yield better outcomes, and reward you for your efforts and time.

So we will focusing on affiliate marketing utilizing your very own site moving forward. First matters first, as pointed out previously, you will desire to discover an affiliate network you’re comfy with. This consists of being educated about the products you are promoting, so that you do not become selling products you do not know anything about.

The simplest method to describe affiliate marketing is when you assist another business sell their items online, then you make money a commission for each sale you bring to them. You can also checkout this great resource for affiliate marketing for beginners

If you choose to join Amazon’s associate program, you might compose a helpful short article on your homepage and include your main keywords and some secondary keywords throughout the article. You could have the buying manual, and compose your quick viewpoint of each product you are marketing. Bear in mind that the higher the expense of the item you market, the greater the commission.

For this factor, it isn’t unexpected that a big number of people make a significant quantity of cash through affiliate marketing and advertising. Numerous skilled affiliate marketers end up making more cash in this field than they did in their previous task, and hence some of them even resign their regular 9-5 job and pursue affiliate marketing full-time.

If you are promoting a product priced at $200, and the business pays you 10 portion commission of the sale, you would make $10 for each sale.

The best ways to Choose A Good Affiliate Network

One of the largest errors brand-new affiliate marketers make is ending up being a member of nearly each affiliate network they come across. This is without a doubt thought about to be a completely inaccurate strategy. That is due to quite some factors.

Ways To Start Getting Sales As An Affiliate Marketer

Getting immediately to the point, some affiliate online marketers utilize social media website consisting of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, for doing associate marketing, other decide to develop out their own site. Getting your very own website is a remarkable method to affiliate marketing, due to the fact that it gives you control over whatever.

Firstly, being an affiliate online marketer is an undertaking which calls for a lot of awareness. So, if you try and work with lots of affiliate networks at the exact same time, possibilities are that none of your efforts may go as prepared and as a result, none may wind up being very effective.

The field of affiliate marketing is most likely the quickest developing method to make loan online. After all, billions of regular individuals utilize web every day. Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity to target possible clients regardless of their area on the planet.

You might check the top 10 and 20 results and do a couple of research studies to find if you may outrank them. Review keywords being utilized by the competition to figure out if they are utilizing identical key expressions you are looking to target. If they are, and they have a high authority site because niche, I would recommend that you avoid that specific niche, and choose a brand new, less competitive.

Finding A Good Keyword

That is thought about to be among the hardest parts of marketing. You merely can not blindly select any keyword and expect to begin making sales quickly. Among the reasons that numerous affiliate marketers stop working is because of utilizing an incorrect keyword.

However how do you refer sales? You can begin promoting your seller’s products on your website, which gets targeted site visitors in the exact same specific niche as the product you are marketing. For instance, if you have a website that sells makeup you would not advertise medical insurance, however rather you could promote makeup related products. Every time among your website’s visitors clicks on your affiliate link which was provided to you by the seller, you will be paid a commission.

Third, make sure you do some research on the affiliate network as there are some networks that will only pay you when a month which may not work for you or even worse they could not pay you at all. I am not telling this to prevent you from being an affiliate marketer, however instead I want you to prosper in discovering the right network and items to market and make your commission.

Quality Content

This is substantial. If you think you will make a lot of cash creating items that does not help the visitors in anyhow, you are extremely wrong. Although your goal is to make money by methods of referring visitors to the offer, you will have to use something of importance to them. Merely posting your links along with lame sales pitches like “this is a fantastic service, purchase this item by means of my individual hyperlink and get a discount rate”, and so on, you may be just heading to disaster.

Amazon’s Associate Program

That being said, numerous online marketers take a look at Amazon’s associate marketing program as one of the very best. It’s perhaps the most trustworthy network, and has a large stock of items to promote and get your commissions.

If you are new to the affiliate marketing, you are going to want keywords that have low competitors. Start your keyword research by finding long tail keywords with a low search volume, that indicates much less loan, but not actually with the ones that have big competitors.

This offers you a possibility to promote nearly any product in the market, or pick a niche with low competitors and you could be earning commissions in less than a week.

There are affiliate networks that turn to “shaving”, a typical exercise in affiliate marketing where the networks show a discounted number of sales than what you referred, consequently paying you significantly less in commissions.

Is Affiliate Marketing The Right Thing For Your Business?

Affiliate Marketing is practically the Biggest Home Business technique utilized today. It is Huge and Still Growing. Research shows that Affiliate Marketing is a $6.5 Billion Business worlwide and it is expanding quickly. There are countless individuals who are making affiliate marketing their full-time tasks and are earning thousands of dollars a month doing so.

So why is Affiliate marketing so popular? Just because the Affiliate Business Model has some unique distinctions and benefits from any other business design. The primary benefit would be the lack of inventory had to be brought in order to be an affiliate marketer. Which indicates the affiliate does not require to stress over inventory, storage, delivery, or unsold stock.

Which causes the second advantage. If you do not need stock, that indicates you don’t need a huge startup capital in order to purchase the stock before you can start your organisation. Affiliate marketing in fact is most likely the least expensive, best form of beginning a business as you do not have to take ANY RISK with any Capital investment.

Finally, an Affiliate does not require to fret about customer assistance. All support is offered by the merchant straight. The affiliate just helps to promote and makes the sales and the rest is taken care of by the merchant.

Fourth, with affiliate marketing instead of any other company model, No physical shop address, no storage facility and cost of the rent, No stock is ever required. Plus, given that there will be no requirement for staff members, the need of payroll will likewise disappear. In many cases all is needed is a computer and web connection and nothing more.

With affiliate marketing, one does not have to commute to and from work. They might do it from the convenience of their own homes and this is really rapidly becoming the lifestyle lots of people are dreaming of.

Sounds so simple does not it? Put candidly, Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start service with little or NO setup expense at all. And seeing how well individuals are performing in this sector of the service model and how fast and huge affiliate marketing is growing, I ‘d say YES … it absolutely is the WAY to go.

However, concerning my next point which is, Is it for everyone? If not who is it for?

Well, I ‘d say its certainly NOT for every among us. As simple as Affiliate marketing is made to seem, and I think after reading the above example, even I have actually made it sound extremely simple to do, I have to state that affiliate marketing is Far from Easy and does not work for every single individual that tries it. Why? Although many affiliate sites aim to spread out misconceptions about “ways to work 15-20 minutes a day and make $15-30,000 a month”… This might not be further from the reality! Affiliate marketing is like other service which needs tactical planning, development and of course A&P(advertising & Promotion) in addition to keep up with the latest patterns in the market for getting people to purchase from you. You can not perhaps do all of this in 15 minutes a day and will need some time and effort on your part. Although affiliate marketing can be begun with no preliminary capital, it is obviously great if you have at least some loan to buy a fantastic handbook to guide you together with your affiliate marketing in addition to a little for low-cost paid marketing if you have the resources for that. Many people join affiliate marketing without these couple of crucial concepts and wind up stopping working to attain their goals as an affiliate marketer.

There are 2 kinds or groups of affiliate online marketers. The effective ones are those who will put in every effort, gain from the experts and conquer ALL challenges that they discover on their journey as affiliates. This makes them become truly successful and go on to become very affiliates.


Then there are the ones that will sign up with affiliate marketing as a pastime and will not buy any great products to assist them along believing it is a breeze and that they know all of it already. And the minute they encounter their very first obstacle, they will stop saying affiliate marketing is all a load of “Bull” which it isn’t worth it. These individuals are the ones that will Never make it in the web marketing world. Why? Since the internet includes billions of sites and deals and if you want to make it, you need to be in the understand. And to be in the know, you need to initially trouble to get SOME knowledge of the market you are handling. Knowledge is whatever. It is the key to success for anything that you venture in.

So bottom line is, Affiliate marketing is certainly the way to go if you are just starting and do not have your very own site or understanding of internet marketing and it is the company design with the least capital expense ever! To learn more read this excellent wealthy affiliate review.

However, if you DO want to succeed in affiliate marketing, then you have to gain some knowledge not practically “ways to do it” however about “How to do it RIGHT”.

Now that is the difference in between an affiliate online marketer and an extremely affiliate marketer.

If you really wish to learn affiliate marketing and how to be successful with it, I recommend you click the links listed below and begin gaining the understanding then head out there and make a killing!

What Can Clickfunnels Do For Real Estate Agents?

With numerous marketing tools out there– it’s tough for a lot of realty representatives to choose which ones to utilize.

One you have to keep your radar though is ClickFunnels.

Provided that ClickFunnels has generally been a tool for web online marketers, I wouldn’t be amazed if you haven’t heard of them.

Nevertheless, it’s quickly ending up being a very powerful tool and market for services of all kinds.

ClickFunnels and Real Estate Agents

Let’s have a look at a few of the important things realty agents/brokerages can do with ClickFunnels.

1. Easily Build Landing Pages
ClickFunnels has a drag and drop landing page builder. One of the very best out there. In my viewpoint– far better than what you get with LeadPages.

The easy to use user interface guarantees your knowing curve is as short as possible. In truth, the training videos are just about 20 minutes in overall(!).

This suggests you can finally get landing pages up for your listings, market report PDF etc. Rapidly, and without needing to code.

2. Capture and Send Leads to Your CRM.
Marketing Funnel for Real Estate ProfessionalsAnother issue for most agents trying to market online is figuring out a way to connect all the pieces.

What software application or plug-in do you use capture leads? Do they let you A/B test to see exactly what landing pages transform leads best? How do you send out result in your CRM?

This issue is solved with ClickFunnels one-click integration to a variety of software applications.

You can also inspect out CF’s in-house email marketing and CRM software Actionetics, and manage your leads there. We choose using ActiveCampaign, though.

3. Create Text Autoresponders.
One metric I like to touch on a lot is lead-response time.

Leads are practically 10 times more most likely to transform to a real contact (phone, email, text) if they are gotten in touch with within 5 minutes of submitting their info.

And because 99% of texts are opened (email open rates are MUCH lower), why not have a text Autoresponder.

ClickFunnels makes this possible with their Twilio combination.

4. Send Out Email Drip Campaigns.
Another essential piece of the puzzle for genuine estate representatives is lead nurturing …

You understand the gold remains in the follow up. The issue?

In fact ensuring to reach back out and continue to support leads is complicated and time consuming.

This is where excellent marketing automation like drip projects come in to save the day.

Using Actionetics you can also establish e-mail drip projects, which can be utilized to assist educate leads on your services and nurture them for the sale.

5. Quickly “Upsell” Leads.
When producing landing pages in ClickFunnels, you can create call-to-actions after leads opt-in.

For instance … If you established a landing page for a complimentary seller guide, you could produce a thank you page with a CTA like “Would you like a complimentary customized house appraisal?”.

Or state somebody just went to your landing page and signed up for an open home.

You could hit them with a CTA like “Are you a current property owner? If so, who are you going to note your house with when you purchase? Let’s talk before the open house!”.

All this is relatively basic utilizing ClickFunnels. Better than other software out there (particularly for the cost).

In Conclusion.

If you’re seeking to improve your list building, nurturing and closing, there’s no better tool than ClickFunnels. You can find out more at this clickfunnels review here

It will assist you conserve time and improve campaigns established.

Sample internet marketing plan structure

A sample Internet marketing plan should contain specific sections in order to ensure that your planning and analysis is thorough. In this article I’ll show you what these key sections are and how they relate to Internet-based businesses.

Your starting point is to make some strategic planning decisions around goals you want to achieve. These might be quite specific goals relating to traffic volumes or sales (in the case of an Internet home business) are relatively broad in the case of larger companies (e.g. promoting customer brand). Establishing the goals also establishes what competencies you need to have in house or be able to buy in, so your plan needs to factor this in.

Next you need to focus on analysis (this provides inputs to your positioning at the end of the document). First do an initial SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses (in your company), opportunities and threats (in the marketplace). Additional analysis of your competitors is advised to identify what areas they are focusing on, product features, pricing structures and even the volume of competition (which may make entering the market undesirable).

The next step is to focus on establishing a customer profile. This can become very in depth and including demographics you specifically want to target. You should end up having a good picture of what types of customers you’re going to be targeting with benefits in your products.

With all of this information gathered you can now start focusing on the market and product focus in your sample Internet marketing plan. This involves segmenting your Internet customer base into different groups which can potentially be targeted separately through different channels or even different product choices.

Finally, it is worth revisiting the 4P’s of marketing to establish how you are going to be positioned in the market based on product (e.g. features, accessories), place (e.g. direct selling, affiliate marketing), promotion (e.g. online ads) and price (e.g. level pricing).