The Mississippi Coast Yachting Association was organized to promote the sport of yacht racing on the Gulf Coast and nearby areas. Founded in 1947, the MCYA is comprised of the seven Gulf Yachting Association General Member Yacht Clubs of the Mississippi coastal counties.

The MCYA sanctions various yachting events, including interclub competition in Flying Scots, and serves to coordinate the association activities of its member clubs. Documents governing the activities of the MCYA are the By-laws, any special rules of order adopted by the Board of Directors, the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, and various rules and regulations governing yacht racing competition.

The MCYA is structured with a Board of Directors comprised of the duly elected MCYA Flag Officers (Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Secretary-Treasurer and Immediate Past Commodore), and the sitting Commodore of each Member Yacht Club. The Board of Directors is the senior body with full authority to govern the organization. The MCYA Flag Officers have the authority to run the organization between meetings of the Board and propose changes to the Board of Directors. When deemed necessary to assist the Board of Directors in accomplishing the work of the organization, various committees shall be established and appointed by the Commodore and convened as appropriate by the Chairs.