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If you are like many people that have financial struggles and are looking to make money blogging, there is hope. You can change your finances for the better by blogging. You can see real, significant income in the 90 to 180 day mark, if you are willing to the appropriate amount of work right now. You blogging is going to take a little bit of time to “mature”, but you will see results if you follow a solid content plan. Here is what I suggest:

1. Get A 30 Day Plan — You need to get your blog up and running and get 10 to 15 high quality posts on it. This is a post every two or three days. You can do this if you are serious about making money from your blogging. You will get nowhere in your blogging if you do not get some solid content up on your blog. That is what you need to focus on in the first 30 days.

2. Get A 60 Day Plan — In the first 60 days, you need to start to back link to the home page and posts that you put up in the first 30 days. You want to link 50% of you links to the home page and the other 50% to select post pages. Link to the posts where you have the best content. You want to get five links to each post. You want to make sure you get links from different blogs each time. The best way to accomplish this is a combination of guest posting and submission to a variety of article directories.

3. Get A 90 Day Plan — After you have some linking going on, you will start to see which of your posts is getting the most traffic and the most “Google Love”. You can see your traffic patterns in your cPanel site stats. This will show you which of your posts is currently ranking the best for you top keyword. This will tell you which posts can help you the most. You then send additional links to these posts. Once you have this completed, submit more posts and start the process over again.

When you develop a solid 90 day plan for your blog, you have a much greater chance of making money from your blogging. Make you plan and stick to it. You will be very happy you did this a year from now when you have a solid money making blog.

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