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Budweiser Sailor of the Year*

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Year Sailor Yacht Club Budweiser Sailor of the Year Trophy
2008 Marcus Eagan BWYC
2007 John Dane PCYC
2006 John Dane PCYC
2005 Zac Fanberg BWYC
2004 Robbie Schmidt BYC
1999 Eric Doyle PCYC
1998 Michael Hage GYC
1997 Bishop Steiffel BWYC
1995 Walter Chamberlain BWYC
1994 Leslie Weatherly Kelly GYC
1993 Devin Hull SRYC
1992 Shelly Killeen PCYC
1991 Troy Cruthirds BYC
1990 Marc Eagan BWYC

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